Happy Mothers Day!!

Mother's day has come and past already, but thought I'd share a little arts and crafts project the kids and I worked on for my lovely and beautiful wife for a mother's day gift.

The sculpture is hand crafted sculpted cement in which I embedded a few chunks of celestine crystals!! The crystals are known to have healing/soothing properties, so why not slap a few clusters in:) I also wanted a break from the granite look so opted to create something with a coral like fissures/weather eroded sandstone.

I had the kids place their hand prints into the wet cement surface which will forever lock in their expression into this piece. Life is too short so why not try to capture a freeze frame when you get the chance!!

Lastly, I colored the simulated rock with acrylic paint and chose warm tones like orange to compliment the blue in the celestine. I also put a few shots of homemade paynes gray into the base color of the rock. As you know, orange and blue are complimentary colors so use them when you can!



Really like this color combination as it employs oranges and blues for cool and warm tones. My finished sculpture was less saturated than the above photo.

Really like this color combination as it employs oranges and blues for cool and warm tones. My finished sculpture was less saturated than the above photo.

Uncolored rock sculpture

Uncolored rock sculpture

Simulated fissures.

Simulated fissures.

My kids claim to fame:)

My kids claim to fame:)

It's resting spot!

It's resting spot!

The pictures are marginal, but you get the idea:) Thanks for reading!!


I will be conducting a webinar to provide an overview for the upcoming rock carving workshop in Knoxville, TN in January

Date: November 18th, 5:00PM PST. (west coast time zone)

Topics to include:

  • Overview of what we will be creating for the zoo exhibit
  • What techniques you will learn
  • Project Timeline
  • Outline of class syllabus
  • Payment Schedule
  • Lodging and Flight Info
  • Q and A session

All you need is a Google account and copy and past the link.


Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Respectfully yours,

Warren Ness

See you guys there!




As rock artist we strive to match mother nature's beauty and balance when sculpting or designing a rockscape. Like photographers and traditional medium artist (2D realm) attempt to create a balanced piece, we try to do the same!  There are tons of compositional formats found on the web (rule of thirds, golden rule, phi etc....) that can be incorporated into our work. This blog post will focus on design elements such as "convergence".and "exception", in which are on display within the attached photo.

Looks like some cool striated rock huh?  But what makes this a very powerful piece is the converging lines or radiating lines. I know this is photograph and linear perspective is at work here, but the lines or striations do make for interesting rhythm and melody! The human eye tends to follow these lines and creates a point of interest. Another visual event is "difference or exception" which can provide a level of dominance to a particular feature. For example; rock with large broad surfaces with hardly any dominant features appear "heavy and large" as opposed to rock that is severely fractured and diced up. Same concepts apply with color; warm tone will have contrasting effects when placed next to cool tones.

Also, if you look close at the converging striation photo, you will notice an area in which there is no striations and also contains a lichen patch of some sort. This is a great example of dominance and exception! The light gray biology patch really draws my eye in and happens to be placed where the radiating lines do not exist. Perfection at it's finest!

Happy Rock Carving!




The world seems to be inundated with some form of marketing, whether it’s a flashy intro video for a company or eye popping graphics on a new toy label. One thing is for certain, the marketing-ologist (if that's a word) have done their homework and understand the power this has on sales. People dig pretty pictures!


How does this impact rock carving? It does it two ways; design aspects and sales!


A 2D rendering will increase your percentages of landing the project if done professionally and communicates the customer’s needs effectively. Secondly, just the  fact it is on paper and not in one’s brain is huge. We all have had that client where they have trouble “visualizing” the setting you are proposing. Ah and yes, there is power in visualization!! Many times a client was unsure of a complete rockscape transformation until the rendering was placed onto their eyes.


There are a multitude of ways of communicating ideas from thought to reality. Methods to include; hand sketches, digital sketches, clay models, consumer grade/proprietary software programs.


The most common methods found in the private sector are clay models or 2D/3D renderings .Both systems help prepare the contractor with a “mental walkthrough” to debunk any potential pitfalls now while it is cheap to modify! It also provides the client with a visual. Scaled clay models are great  and are fun to create as you can add paint,special effects,all the bells and whistles.


So bust out your colored pencils and sketchpad, but If your sketching skills are not up to par, we can help! We offer affordable pricing and members will receive 15% off!


Happy Carving



Okay, so you have carved your concrete to resemble a rock and the next step is to transform it from battleship gray to something that is alive and breathing. At this point reference is super important. Sometimes you may be challenged to match "real" existing native rock found on the property or the client has strict parameters for you to follow, in any case, color observation is key!

You will find in nature that most color compositions/schemes for rock are analogous, which means that the colors are tightly placed next to each other on the color wheel. This makes for a harmonious rhythm of color play.

Lastly, color is relative! Let say a real rock-scape contains an iron oxide rust streak that may appear loud and vibrant, but one will have to consider the color surrounding it. If the streak is overlapped over a tan/light khaki, the streak will appear to be more saturated. I have attached a picture showing this phenomenon to make better sense of this concept. Notice the same blue square appears to be a different color when overlapped onto a saturated color.

I will be producing a video going more in depth on this topic and will be providing some fantastic color recipes in the "PRO" blog area for subscribing members.

Happy Carving and Painting!


Faux Rock-Shape Language

When designing a faux rockscape, shape is paramount! Whether it is sandstone or decomposing granite, really take the time and study the common traits found within it's geological family. This will pay huge dividends!  If you do not have a reference library, it is very easy to start one. The best place to start is google images and bing images and keep a good filing system that works for you.

The faux rock's shape above was created from a small rock pebble, hence we increased the scale size dramatically and viola! We have a rock!

Note the underbody off to the left side, it does not protrude from the ground like the right side. This is important as it appears this rock had tumbled down and stopped at it's final resting place.

Next time on a hike or walk, collect some cool small rocks that have some interesting shape to them. There may come a day when you can use them!



Hi guys and gals! I just want to start by thanking you for your interest in my work. I thought I might share some of the skills I've cultivated over the years pertaining to carving concrete and epoxy resins. I will be updating with new posts periodically but I will also be supplementing with instructional videos.

My main goal with this site is to help guide new carvers with the correct methodology, to help professionals tighten up their end product, and a little bit of everything in between. There will be plenty of educational and experimental content in the blogs, but if you're serious about furthering your art you should consider a membership with exclusive content access. 

I am also planning annual hands-on workshops across the nation. Please feel free to connect with me via email or by subscription to stay updated.

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