As rock artist we strive to match mother nature's beauty and balance when sculpting or designing a rockscape. Like photographers and traditional medium artist (2D realm) attempt to create a balanced piece, we try to do the same!  There are tons of compositional formats found on the web (rule of thirds, golden rule, phi etc....) that can be incorporated into our work. This blog post will focus on design elements such as "convergence".and "exception", in which are on display within the attached photo.

Looks like some cool striated rock huh?  But what makes this a very powerful piece is the converging lines or radiating lines. I know this is photograph and linear perspective is at work here, but the lines or striations do make for interesting rhythm and melody! The human eye tends to follow these lines and creates a point of interest. Another visual event is "difference or exception" which can provide a level of dominance to a particular feature. For example; rock with large broad surfaces with hardly any dominant features appear "heavy and large" as opposed to rock that is severely fractured and diced up. Same concepts apply with color; warm tone will have contrasting effects when placed next to cool tones.

Also, if you look close at the converging striation photo, you will notice an area in which there is no striations and also contains a lichen patch of some sort. This is a great example of dominance and exception! The light gray biology patch really draws my eye in and happens to be placed where the radiating lines do not exist. Perfection at it's finest!

Happy Rock Carving!



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